How to have an Illustrated Adventure?

All adventures are different, this is my approach to having an illustrated adventure, it is not set in stone, anything goes and it evolves each time.

Here is what you need to have an illustrated adventure:

(in no particular order)

illustrated adventure observationEyes – look around, notice things that are around you. Look up, look down, look under, inside, and through. There is so much to see and observe. I recommend people watching, finding patterns, looking at the shapes clouds make and the things other people are walking past without noticing. The magic comes from making your own discoveries and drawing those.illustrator adventure tools


Tools – you don’t need anything fancy or expensive, but paper and something for making marks will do as start. I like drawing with a biro if I’m travelling light. In my standard adventure kit I have a hardback sketchbook (so I can lean on it), pencils, pens – including 2 brush pens (one with ink and one with water), and a tiny set of watercolours.

travelling illustrator

Transport – choose your favourite method of getting places and go. I find my red Dr Martens make an excellent pair of adventure boots, they can take me almost anywhere! My Mini is also great for whizzing about finding new places and discovering things to draw. (I do not recommend trying to draw whilst driving, you will probably get in a mess, in more ways than one)

start your adventureA starting point –Β Any where, your chair, your bed, your window, the front door, a trainstation, airport, park, ancient monument, lost tribe, forgotten kingdom… Start anywhere, the important bit is not the location but the action. You will go on great adventures, small adventures, and unusal adventures. You will discover amazing things, not important but there anyway things and things that just make you smile. However, you will only do it by deciding to start somewhere.

illustrator daydreamAnd don’t forget – be curious, use your imagination, daydream, invent, add details that aren’t there that you think are funny, missing or decorative. (This is my absolute favourite thing about an illustrated adventure). You can combine the real world with the one in your head to create a new visual piece that only comes from YOUR adventure. Add your style to the world, say what you want and create graphic explorations that bring it all to life.

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