The Mission

I’m an illustrator who goes on adventures, discovering inspiration by combining travel with creativity. I want to share my illustrated wanderlust to promote the magic I see in the communities, attractions, and natural beauty spots that surround us in the UK.

What is an illustrated adventure?Illustrated Adventure Logo Design

I’m going to explore the world outside with my sketchbook. I’m going to take my studio with me, working on location and capturing inspiration there and then.

I will look at things with the curiosity I had when I was small and capture details that fascinate me. Chronicling my discoveries through illustrations that combine imagination, characters and observations.

I aim to document each adventure on the blog and create final designs for each one. Things may not always go to plan but that’s why it is an adventure, not just a project.

Why did you start an illustrated adventure?

I am happiest when I’m exploring or when I’m drawing so I have decided to combine the two.

When I was four I told my parents “One day I’ll be an artist who travels in a van”, all these years later that ambition to create and travel has not gone away. (I also drew a huge red chicken on their dining room wall, sorry Mum & Dad (not sorry, the chicken was awesome))

I have spent many years working indoors at a desk because that’s what I thought I should do. I had the feeling that I was missing out on the beautiful world outdoors, so I decided to get out there, have an adventure, and take my work with me.

the bossIf you want to follow my adventures you can find me on Instagram and Twitter.

 Meet The Boss

Every adventure hero has a sidekick, right. Well, mine is a rescue dog called Ted. He’s a Whippet Jack Russell mix (a Jacket?). He runs fast and is very stubborn, and he makes a lot of appearances on my Instagram feed. His favourite adventures involve any of the following:

  • Long grass (the tickly kind)
  • Smells (especially good for rolling in)
  • Rabbit holes (and rabbits, don’t even say the word)
  • Squirrels (again sssh! Don’t say it)
  • Rivers and streams (for paddling and biting)
  • A ball
  • Sticks
  • Wind (brings the smells and lifts his ears)